“House of BioHealth”’s legal representative is INNOVATION CLUSTER 1 Sarl
Op Den Drieschen, 14 – L-4149 Esch/Alzette

The request shall be made by post or electronic mail (with proof of receipt) 4 working days before the date of the event at the latest in so far as the booking is “firm” (according to the terms of Art. 2).
It shall specify:
– The nature of the event
– The name of the contact in charge of its organisation (one person only)
– The dates and times of the event
– The approximate number of attendees
– The access requirements and times for the preparations and administrative arrangements
— Other information, …

For the hirers:
• Signature of the present agreement duly signed “agreed” (a single copy is sufficient).
• A booking request via an email message consisting of: the information requested above.

NB: The hirers have priority over all other external organisers in so far as the date has not yet been firmly booked

The contract is not definitively concluded until after:
• The return of a verified copy of the hire proposal bearing the stamp and signature of the customer as confirmation
• The payment of a deposit, namely 50% of the amount of the booking for the event(s). In the case of a multiple booking giving entitlement to discounts, invoicing will be grouped together.
For the hirers:
– By return: Simple written confirmation will act as a “firm booking”. No booking will be possible without a prior signed agreement. It is not necessary to submit a new copy of the agreement with each booking.
In the absence of this, the room may be allocated to another event without “House of BioHealth” being held liable for this.
Cleaning of the rooms and annexes is included in the present contract regarding “standard” cleaning of the floors and amenities. Any other cleaning service required to restore the premises to their previous condition shall be additionally invoiced.
The present contract does not envisage any “catering”, drinks or other services. Any such services shall be provided exclusively by service providers engaged by “House of BioHealth”.

The applicable rates are shown before tax. These rates were determined as at 1 January 2015. They may be subject to amendment at any time. Any change in rates shall apply 30 days after they are communicated. They also apply to any booked events.

Salle de conférence 900 €/HT 550 €/HT 550 €/HT
Salle de réunion 1 -18 pers 150 €/HT 100 €/HT 100 €/HT
Salle de réunion 2 – 8 pers 100 €/HT 60 €/HT 60 €/HT
Salle de réunion 3 – 5 pers 50 €/HT 30 €/HT 30 €/HT

For multiple bookings, the rates are reduced and will be invoiced “as a package” as follows:

Number of events Fixed discount
5 per annum 10% off the events in that year
From 6 to 10 per annum 15% off the events in that year
Over 10 per annum 20% off the events in that year

The hirers “House of BioHealth” will be granted a further discount of 10% off the prices shown above.

The balance is payable at the end of the event, by bank transfer within 8 days. No discount is given for prompt payment.
For the hirers:
• An invoice summarising all the hours of use of the rooms will be raised at the end of the month or quarterly and payable upon receipt.

Any amendment of the contract must be the subject of a written document from the customer and the latter must obtain confirmation of the amendment from “House of BioHealth”.
Cancellation must be notified in writing to “House of BioHealth”. The periods are calculated counting from the day after* the 1st working day until the date of the event. Cancellation charges are in relation to the amount of the hire charge.
(*) The day after posting or the receipt of the email

30 days or more No charge
29 to 15 days 50% cancellation charge
14 to 8 days 75% cancellation charge
7 days or less 100% cancellation charge

The organiser may use only the services of the “House of BioHealth” restaurant operator. If a particular service cannot be provided by the operator, another party may be engaged with our consent but only for the service that the operator cannot provide. A signed contract and a quotation in correct and due form must be signed with the restaurant operator for each event. No private services are possible.
The consumption of food and drink other than that provided by the caterer is prohibited except with the prior consent of the caterer itself, which may reserve the right to a service charge and a corkage charge.
Tables for catering and drinks are centralised in “Rue du Cloud”: conservatory located between the administration buildings and the laboratories. Food and drink may not be consumed in the conference room or video conference room with the exception of water provided to the speakers.


The conference room can take 80 people. This number shall be used as the minimum invoicing number. The rates will remain unchanged regardless of the number of people.
“House of BioHealth” is not accessible to outsiders unless they have an entry badge. The external organiser must arrange and regulate reception of the attendees so as to prevent unauthorised persons from circulating in the building.

In the context of room hire: “BioHealth” shall provide the equipment itself for the room. The organiser shall deal with the handover and correct use of the equipment as well as the prior trials. “House of BioHealth” cannot be held liable in the event of any defect or of disturbance to the event.
Hire of supplementary equipment: Visu Concept is the sole service provider to “House of BioHealth”. The equipment must be installed early enough in advance and agreed with the service provider.
The organiser undertakes to check in advance that the equipment works correctly and to report any problem immediately and at the end of the event to return all the equipment provided to it in good condition. In the event of damage or failure to return it, the organiser will be invoiced with the cost of replacing the equipment with new equipment or with repairing it. At the end of this service provision, the equipment shall be switched off in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical instructions.
The overhead projector is equipped with an automatic switch-off cycle that absolutely must not be interrupted (duration about 20 mins.) Otherwise the bulb will burn out. The charge for the bulb is € 453 excl. tax plus labour. Lead time 6 to 8 weeks. A bulb is supposed to last over 6,000 hours. We do not hold any spare parts.

Article 9 – COPYRIGHT_
For any event involving the broadcasting of musical works, the organiser must make a declaration to SACEM (Composers’ and Authors’ Association) and pay the fees.
Royalties Division – General Delegation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
46, rue Goethe L -1637 Luxembourg
Tel.: 47 55 59 – Fax: 48 02 76

Exhibitions in the rooms are subject to the prior approval of “House of BioHealth”. Any fitting out carried out by the customer must comply with the specifications stipulated by “House of BioHealth” as well as with the latest health and safety regulations in force in establishments open to the public.
Any dismantling must be done immediately after the event and without damage.

Article 11 – INSURANCE
“House of BioHealth” cannot be held liable for theft nor for damage that might be suffered by the equipment stored by the organiser or its service providers. The owner strongly advises the customer to take out insurance and to provide for the presence of security guards if required.
The organiser is liable for any damage or loss that might be caused by it or a third party during the event but also during the preparations or finishing up after the event. By default, any repair charges associated with this will be due by right.

The organiser is asked to inform “House of BioHealth” in advance of the presence of any photographer or audiovisual professional.
If the customer envisages press or multimedia communication with which the name “House of BioHealth” is associated or if its infrastructure would be identifiable, prior written authorisation is required. “House of BioHealth” reserves the right to broadcast its image and information concerning it.
The organiser is obliged to invite only persons whose behaviour is not likely to be harmful to those present or to “House of BioHealth”’s image. The latter reserves the right to intervene if necessary.

Any dispute that cannot be settled amicably regarding the validity, interpretation or execution of the present contract shall be heard by the courts with jurisdiction.