Why Luxembourg?

political and social

Why Luxembourg?

multilingualism of
skilled workforce

Why Luxembourg?

high standards
of living


Luxembourg – a small state in the Center of Europe.

Luxembourg is well known for its political and social stability, the multilingualism of its skilled workforce and its high standards of living.

Did you know that the Grand Duchy is one of the most productive and competitive countries in the world? The Luxembourg Government actively encourages investment and innovation through a legal and regulatory framework designed to support business creation and economic development. Luxembourg’s fiscal climate is among the most favourable in Europe with the lowest VAT rate, moderate corporate income tax and an attractive personal income tax. Luxembourg is therefore a prime business location.

In the Luxembourg knowledge-based economy, innovative enterprises are encouraged to multiply their R&D activities through direct financial support of up to 50% of the costs of an industrial research project and up to 25% for a pre-competitive development project.

The results of this policy speak for themselves: Luxembourg is home to some of the most successful international companies.

An inclusive, multicultural country
170 countries in such a small space – that leaves its mark on society. Here you will find an open, international society, accustomed to intercultural and international exchanges, where the different communities live not just side-by-side but together. As a result, the Grand Duchy has earned for itself a reputation as one of the most inclusive economies in the world.

A warm welcome and a high level of quality of life
Health, safety, education, mobility: the Grand Duchy is a country where your workforce will fit in easily. With its large green spaces, its rural character and its intact environment, the Grand Duchy has everything your employees could want.