Luxembourg positions itself as a major player in the field of HealthTech, boasting a continuously expanding ecosystem. Currently, 25 companies, ranging from SMEs to startups, along with two public research laboratories—Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LSCB)—reside in the facilities of Esch-Belval. These entities cover a diverse range of activities, showcasing the richness and variety of the Luxembourgish HealthTech sector, from diagnostics to medical devices and digital health.

The vibrancy of the HealthTech sector in Luxembourg

At the national level, the health technology sector in Luxembourg comprises 150 companies, with 50% developing health products and 30% focusing on digital health tools. Notably, half of these companies have been established for less than 10 years, underscoring the vitality and innovative dynamics characterizing HealthTech in Luxembourg.

National economic diversification strategy

The health technology sector plays a key role in the national economic diversification strategy. By emphasizing the digitization of all aspects of health and the patient’s medical journey, Luxembourg is steadfastly advancing into the future of medicine. This strategic approach aims to create a resilient and innovative ecosystem capable of addressing contemporary health challenges while offering significant economic opportunities.

Innovative stakeholders

Luxembourgish HealthTech companies stand out for their commitment to innovation and research. Public research laboratories such as LIH and LSCB actively contribute to advancing medical knowledge and health technologies. Their collaboration with industry players creates an environment conducive to the emergence of innovative solutions.

Future development strategies

Luxembourg envisions consolidating and further expanding its leadership in the HealthTech sector. Future development strategies include emphasizing public-private partnerships, strengthening ties with academic institutions, and providing continuous support for research and development. These strategies aim to ensure sustainable growth and maintain Luxembourg’s competitiveness in the digital health sector. A recent example is the upcoming establishment of Campus HE:AL, focusing on data-driven personalized medicine and aiming to create a unique digital health laboratory worldwide.

Luxembourg emerges as a leading HealthTech player in Europe

Luxembourg emerges as a major player in HealthTech in Europe, driven by a dynamic ecosystem and bold initiatives. With a vision centered around the digitization of health, the country is well-positioned to shape the future of medicine. The successful collaboration between businesses, research laboratories, and government support reflects Luxembourg’s determination to play a prominent role in the ever-evolving field of digital health.