Our partners are talented!

Gedi & Partners located at 29 rue Henri Koch carries out intensive research and development work with intelligent t-shirts.

What are these characteristics?
– The weight of the device is only 30 g!
– A smart and discreet t-shirt

What are the objectives?
– target as many people as possible to access health care remotely

Our customers are divided into 3 categories:
– Patients at increased risk.
– Patients with coronary heart disease.
– Patients with arrhythmias.

Benefits for the patient:
– The possibility of avoiding in-person or repeated visits to health centres, especially for elderly or reduced mobility patients, or from rural areas.
– Avoid exacerbating a heart condition or diagnose it before clinical symptoms appear.
– Electrocardiographic monitoring is constant (24/7). The patient knows that a person (person) / person (device) is monitoring his or her health and, in case of a problem, he or she will be informed, as well as the doctor.

Benefits for the doctor: 
– The device allows patients to be monitored at home (telemedicine). This is particularly important in patients at high risk of coronary artery disease, especially those with diabetes mellitus, renal failure, severe heart failure), who should be closely monitored. Currently, this is done in a hospital and requires a lot of resources that can be saved with a smart shirt.
– It will also improve patients’ quality of life by allowing them to be monitored more comfortably at home.

The House of Biohealth is about to work with Gedi & Partners and doctor Gediminas Mikulėnas We send them all our encouragement and wishes for success in their great project.