At the heart of the healthcare and biotechnology innovation ecosystem, House of Biohealth distinguishes itself with its robust organizational structure. How is House of Biohealth structured to support the development of businesses in this crucial field? What are the benefits and resources available to its members?


House of Biohealth is organized to promote effective collaboration among its members while ensuring smooth and proactive management of its facilities. The on-site facility team, led by Pierre Bucarelli, plays a vital role in facilitating direct communication between tenants and landlords. This direct connection enables quick exchanges and efficient issue resolution, thus ensuring an optimal working environment for all.

Moreover, the team manages the building’s operations on behalf of the owner, ensuring the smooth functioning of infrastructure and essential services.


Benefits for House of Biohealth Members

Being a member of House of Biohealth offers numerous benefits for companies active in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. By operating within the same ecosystem, tenants have access to a diverse network of potential partners and can engage in fruitful exchanges with other sector stakeholders. This proximity fosters the creation of synergies and the emergence of strategic collaborations, thereby accelerating innovation and business development.


Services and Infrastructure Offered by House of Biohealth

House of Biohealth provides a comprehensive range of services and infrastructure to support business development in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. Among these services are pre-equipped laboratories, also known as incubators, which enable startups to launch quickly. Once established, these companies have the opportunity to develop their own custom laboratories tailored to their specific needs.

Additionally, vacant cells are available in the BIO 3 building, offering growing companies the opportunity to expand their operations in an innovation-friendly environment.


Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

House of Biohealth benefits from strategic partnerships with institutions and companies that contribute to its mission. Specifically, a partnership with the Ministry of the Economy facilitates the selection and referral of startups to House of Biohealth’s incubator. Additionally, a team composed of UNI and LIH contributes to this selection, ensuring a transparent and fair process for applicant companies.


Through its services, infrastructure, and strategic partnerships, House of Biohealth provides a dynamic and collaborative environment where businesses can thrive and contribute to the advancement of research and innovation.