The House of Biohealth (HOBH) is much more than just a workspace. It is a dynamic ecosystem designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and business development in the healthcare and biotechnology fields. In this article, we will explore the numerous benefits that HOBH offers to companies and organizations operating in this crucial sector.


Profile of Hosted Companies

House of Biohealth primarily accommodates private companies and state organizations engaged in research and development in the healthcare and biotechnology fields. Among them are promising startups, innovative SMEs, as well as major industry players.


Support for Innovation

House of Biohealth supports innovation by providing equipped laboratories, also known as incubators, where startups can develop their ideas and products. These facilities are provided with personalized support and access to strategic partnerships, including with the Ministry of the Economy, thus fostering the growth and development of businesses.


Benefits of Joining HOBH

 Companies enjoy multiple benefits by joining the House of Biohealth, including:

 Access to a diverse network of experts and potential partners.

  • Collaboration opportunities with other companies and organizations in the sector.
  • Access to resources and funding to support growth.
  • Increased visibility to investors and potential clients.
  • Facilitation of Collaboration


House of Biohealth facilitates collaboration among stakeholders in the healthcare and biotechnology sector by organizing networking events, thematic workshops, and mentoring sessions. Moreover, the open and collaborative environment encourages idea exchange and co-creation of innovative solutions.


Facilities and Services Available

Within the House of Biohealth, companies benefit from modern and versatile facilities, including pre-equipped laboratories capable of accommodating activities up to BSL3 level. Additionally, office spaces, meeting rooms, open spaces, and a self-service cafeteria are available to meet the needs of companies and their employees. A technical maintenance service is also provided to ensure the proper functioning of the facilities.



House of Biohealth offers a stimulating and collaborative environment for companies and organizations active in the healthcare and biotechnology fields. By joining the House of Biohealth, companies can benefit from valuable support to accelerate their growth, develop their activities, and contribute to the advancement of research and innovation in this vital sector.